Samstag, 25. September 2010

Sod aesthetics

It is really wretched at the moment. On the one hand I do approve of our dominant ball-keeping type of football, but then again, if the goals are missing, this will bite you in the back rather quickly. And I must say, playing 0-0 at home against Cologne is just rubbish. Granted, it’s always going to be a difficult matter if you play an opposition whose only goal is destruction, but it’s not like this happened the very first time. And it wasn’t much of a surprise, either.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. These teams do have the right to play the way they play, even if it can get on your nerves at times. What pisses me off much more is this at the moment very obvious lack of creativity Bayern are displaying at the moment. It was painfully apparent against Cologne that none of the players seem to have a sound idea about how to crack such an opposition.

On strategy they seemed to be trying was crosses – loads and loads of crosses. The questions that were forming after the first few goes was for me: Why try something you’re not really good at? And why try crosses, if you don’t really have the strikers to deal with them?

Against Rome (who were equally negative), they tried shots from range in the second half – and hey presto, Rome crumbled and finally gave in. A week later against Hoffenheim, a shot from Ribéry paved the way for Müller’s goal.

Maybe it’s just me (and I certainly don’t know as much about football as our manager does), but these were measures that seemed to work. It might not be terribly elegant or creative, but keeping the ball all the time a firing in crosses that either don’t reach the box or disappear towards the Marienplatz doesn’t seem too productive to me, either.

But enough moaning, there’s also some positive stuff: The team seem to have understood that, if the going gets tough, you have to kick back, especially when the others are kicking you. Now I don’t accuse Hoffenheim of being particularly brutal, but they do seem prone to the occasional (and by that I mean frequent) nasty foul, which just doesn’t earn you a yellow card, but certainly leaves a mark on your opponent. The difference between the Cologne and the Hoffenheim game for me was that Bayern started to fight back; there was one statistic against Cologne that I could not really believe: zero yellow cards for Bayern. Now you could say that it’s a result of the dominant style of play and about 70% possession. That might be true, but if you don’t score, you have to impress the opponent some other way, even if it’s by play a little dirty. If you look at Bayern’s performance in the second half, that might have (hopefully) sunken in.

So shooting from range and committing a few more fouls. Can that really be the solution? Well, it has to be, I guess, especially now that both Ribéry and Robben are out injured. Football aesthetics will inevitably bemoan this and see it as a return to typical Bavarian form: Beautiful football is for Bremen or others, we just score and gather points and trophies.

At the moment, I don’t really care about that.

Sod aesthetics.

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